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Pharmacogenomics and Personalized Use of Drugs

[ Vol. 8 , Issue. 18 ]


Jing-Fang Wang, Dong-Qing Wei and Kuo-Chen Chou   Pages 1573 - 1579 ( 7 )


As the development of the Human Genome Project (HGP), the sequencing of whole human genome has been completed, and a series of human genes have been detected, both of which result in the naissance of pharmacogenomics. Pharmacogenomics is the study of how an individuals genetic inheritance affects the bodys response to drugs using the information of human genomics and bioinformatics approaches. It is not only propitious to the rational use of drugs, but also in favor for the personalized drug design.


Pharmacogenomics, personalized use of drugs, single nucleotide polymorphisms, drug metabolism


College of Life Science and Biotechnology, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai 200240, China.

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