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Terpenoids: Sources, Structure Elucidation and Therapeutic Potential in Inflammation

[ Vol. 3 , Issue. 2 ]


B. de las Heras, B. Rodriguez, L. Bosca and A. M. Villar   Pages 171 - 185 ( 15 )


Natural products research has lately undergone exponential growth owing to advances in isolation techniques and in synthetic methods design, as well as for the identification of a wide range of biological properties exhibited by these compounds. In the present review, general remarks on the chemical features, biosynthetic pathways, isolation and structure elucidation of terpenoids are briefly discussed. In addition to this, recent work done on anti-inflammatory terpenoids (diterpenoids, triterpenoids and sesquiterpene lactones) with special emphasis on the last new molecular targets evaluated is presented.


Terpenoids, biosynthetic pathways, sesquiterpene


Departamento de Farmacologia. Facultad de Farmacia. Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Plaza Ramon y Cajal s / n, 28040- Madrid, Spain

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