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Plant-derived Terpenoids and Analogues as Anti-HIV Agents

[ Vol. 3 , Issue. 2 ]


Kuo-Hsiung Lee   Pages 155 - 169 ( 15 )


The plant-derived terpenoids and analogues are reviewed with respect to their anti-HIV activity, structure-activity relationships, and mechanism of action. The active compounds include diterpenoid lactones, phenolic diterpenes, atisane and kaurane diterpenes, phorbol diterpenes, triterpene glycosides, friedelane triterpenes, taraxerane triterpenes, ursane triterpenes, lanostane triterpene, lupane triterpenes, seco-ring A triterpenes, degraded triterpenes, and cucurbitacin triterpenes. Positive new leads for drug development will be highlighted.


Terpenoids, lanostane, triterpene glycosides, ursane, lupane triterpenes, cucurbitacin, taraxerane


Natural Products Laboratory, School of Pharmacy, CB᳀, UNC-Chapel Hill, NC 27599- 7360, USA

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