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New Adamantyl Chalcones: Synthesis, Antimicrobial and Anticancer Activities

[ Vol. 17 , Issue. 4 ]


Aouatef Tabbi, Dahmane Tebbani, Angelamaria Caporale, Carmela Saturnino, S. F. Nabavi, Palma Giuseppe, Claudio Arra, Zerrin Canturk, Gulhan Turan-Zitouni, Hocine Merazig, Eduardo Sobarzo-Sanchez and Luca Rastrelli   Pages 498 - 506 ( 9 )


Background: A new variety of adamantyl chalcones (2, 3a-o) were efficiently prepared by Claisen-Schmidt reaction of 4-adamantyl acetophenone 2 with a serie of aromatic aldehydes in good yields. Their structures were confirmed by spectroscopic data, and the relative configuration of 3d was confirmed by X-ray crystallography. All synthesized chalcones were tested against a panel of Grampositive and Gram-negative bacteria and pathogenic fungus and displayed strong antibacterial activity against Enterococcus faecali 29212, Pseudomonas aeruginosa ATCC27853, Escherichia coli and interesting antifungal activity against Candida glabrata ATCC 90030.

Result: The effect of these compounds was also tested in vitro as antitumor on Miapaca2 cells. Compounds also showed anticancer activity against human pancreas cancer cell MiaPaca2.


Adamantyl chalcones, Antimicrobial activity, Antifungal activity, Anticancer activity, MiaPaca2, NMR.


Department of chemistry, Faculty of sciences, Mentouri University, 25000 Constantine, Algeria.

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