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Myocardial Structure and Matrix Metalloproteinases

[ Vol. 12 , Issue. 10 ]


C. Aggeli, P. Pietri, I. Felekos, L. Rautopoulos, K. Toutouzas, E. Tsiamis and C. Stefanadis   Pages 1113 - 1131 ( 19 )


Metalloproteinases (MMPs) are enzymes which enhance proteolysis of extracellular matrix proteins. The pathophysiologic and prognostic role of MMPs has been demonstrated in numerous studies. The present review covers a wide a range of topics with regards to MMPs structural and functional properties, as well as their role in myocardial remodeling in several cardiovascular diseases. Moreover, the clinical and therapeutic implications from their assessment are highlighted.


Metaloproteinases, myocardial structure, extracellular matrix proteins, prognostic role of MMPs, numerous studies, myocardial remodeling, cardiovascular diseases, clinical and therapeutic implications, left ventricular (LV), cardiac remodeling, cardiomyopathy, clinical and therapeutic implications, cell surface proteins, fibrillar collagens


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