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Development of Sugar-Based Materials for Biological Devices

[ Vol. 12 , Issue. 3 ]


Yuji Mikata and Shigenobu Yano   Pages 145 - 157 ( 13 )


Recent progresses of our group dealing with newly developed sugar-based ligands and their metal complexes have been reviewed. Carbohydrate moiety affects on the stereochemistry around the metal center and controls the biological activity of the complex.


Carbohydrates, metal, porphyrin, nucleic acids, biological activity of the complex, macrocycles, β-lactams, β-C-glycosylation, bioactive molecules, metal complexes, peptide synthesis, anomeric oxygen atoms, peptide-based drug candidates, apical atoms


KYOUSEI Science Center, Nara Women's University, Kitauoyanishimachi, Nara 630-8506, Japan.

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