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What Does the Future Hold for Photo-Oxidizing RuII Complexes with Polyazaaromatic Ligands in Medicinal Chemistry?

[ Vol. 12 , Issue. 3 ]


Jonathan Ghesquiere, Stephane Le Gac, Lionel Marcelis, Cecile Moucheron and Andree Kirsch - De Mesmaeker   Pages 185 - 196 ( 12 )


Since the discovery of cisplatin, the search for diagnostic or therapeutic agents based on other metals, has expanded intensively owing to the numerous possibilities offered by coordination chemistry. This mini-review focuses on recent advances in the search for RuII polyazaaromatic complexes of potential interest as molecular tools applied to cellular diagnostics or as specific cellular photo-reagents for future biomedical applications. The interaction of RuII polyazaaromatic complexes with living cells is reported, as well as the photo-reaction mechanisms of photo-oxidizing RuII complexes with nucleic acids. The novel strategies currently developed to improve their reactivity and specificity towards DNA, more particularly in the gene-silencing framework, are also discussed.


Diagnostic agent, DNA, oligonucleotide, photo-therapeutic agent, ruthenium, living cells, specific cellular photo-reagents, photo-oxidizing RuII complexes, nucleic acids, luminescent probes, luminophores for biomolecules, hydrophobic complexes, emission wavelengths, cell-viability, gel electrophoresis analyses


Universite libre de Bruxelles, Chimie Organique et Photochimie, CP 160/08, av. F.D. Roosevelt, 1050 Bruxelles, Belgium.

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