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Bradykinin B1 Receptor Antagonists as Novel Analgesics: A Retrospective of Selected Medicinal Chemistry Developments

[ Vol. 8 , Issue. 16 ]


Scott D. Kuduk and Mark G. Bock   Pages 1420 - 1430 ( 11 )


Bradykinin B1 receptor antagonists embody a potentially novel approach for the treatment of chronic pain and inflammation. The identification of non-peptide B1 antagonists has been a notable advance in the kinin field that will allow evaluation of their therapeutic potential in the clinical realm. The current review is a high level summary of our contributions to the area that culminated in the discovery of a clinical candidate.


Analgesics, pain, inflammation, bradykinin, covalent binding, P-glycoprotein


Department of Medicinal Chemistry, Merck&Co., Inc., WP14-3, P.O. Box 4, Sunnytown Pike, West Point, PA 19486.

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