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Medical Treatment for Neurocysticercosis: Drugs, Indications and Perspectives

[ Vol. 8 , Issue. 5 ]


Agnes Fleury, Helgi Jung, Graciela Cardenas and Edda Sciutto   Pages 424 - 433 ( 10 )


Neurocysticercosis is one of the most frequent parasitic diseases affecting the central nervous system. The introduction of anticysticidal therapy in the early 80s and the concomitant improvement of the radiological techniques have lead to apparently significant progress in patient prognosis. However, due to the specificity of the disease, a great debate has been generated on the real usefulness of cysticidal drugs. This article revises and discusses the pharmacological aspects of cysticidal treatment and summarizes current indications for the different types of the disease.


Neurocysticercosis, taenia solium, treatment, albendazole, praziquantel, corticosteroids


Instituto Nacional de Neurologia y Neurocirugia. Laboratorio de Investigaciones Clinicas.Insurgentes sur 3877, CP 14269, Mexico DF, Mexico.

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