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Siderotyping A Powerful Tool for the Characterization of Pyoverdines

[ Vol. 1 , Issue. 1 ]


Regine Fuchs, Mathias Schafer, Valerie Geoffroy and Jean-Marie Meyer   Pages 31 - 57 ( 27 )


Tools for the identification of bacteria are of great importance especially for taxonomical and medical purposes. In the case of fluorescent pseudomonads a quick and unambiguous identification is possible by methods that are referred to as siderotyping. All of them are based upon the characterization of the bacterial siderophores or the receptors expressed for the uptake of these compounds. Different microbiological and bioanalytical tests that are accurate, rapid and easy to use will be described.


Pyoverdines, PSEUDOMONAS SPP, SIDEROTYPING, Ferripyoverdine outer membrane immunoblot, COLLISION ACTIVATION, Isopyoverdine, Electrospray mass spectrometry


Laboratoire deLaboratoire de Microbiologie et Genetique, ULP, 28, rue Goethe, 67000 Strasbourg, France.

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