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Pyridinylimidazole Based p38 MAP Kinase Inhibitors

[ Vol. 2 , Issue. 9 ]


Paul F. Jackson and James L. Bullington   Pages 1011 - 1020 ( 10 )


The p38 MAP kinase is thought to be involved in a variety of inflammatory and immunological disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis. The pyridinylimidazole class of compounds was the first to potently inhibit this kinase. Since the original reports of their efficacy, they have become the most widely studied series of inhibitors of this kinase. This framework has served as a starting point for further synthetic work and several compounds have entered clinical trials. These compounds have also been utilized to elucidate the role of p38 kinase in the immune system, and more recently have been used to examine the role of this kinase in central nervous system disorders.


map kinase inhibitors, pro-inflammatory cytokines, human clinical trials, diaryl ureas, enzyme complex


Discovery Research, Johnson&Johnson Pharmaceutical Research and Development, L.L.C., 1000 Route202, Raritan, NJ 08869

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