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Metalloprotein Inhibitors for the Treatment of Human Diseases

[ Vol. 16 , Issue. 4 ]


Yang Yang, Xue-Qin Hu, Qing-Shan Li, Xing-Xing Zhang, Ban-Feng Ruan, Jun Xu and Chenzhong Liao   Pages 384 - 396 ( 13 )


Metalloproteins have attracted momentous attentions for the treatment of many human diseases, including cancer, HIV, hypertension, etc. This article reviews the progresses that have been made in the field of drug development of metalloprotein inhibitors, putting emphasis on the targets of carbonic anhydrase, histone deacetylase, angiotensin converting enzyme, and HIV-1 integrase. Many other important metalloproteins are also briefly discussed. The binding and coordination modes of different marketed metalloprotein inhibitors are stated, providing insights to design novel metal binding groups and further novel inhibitors for metalloproteins.


Chelating, Drug design, Drug development, Magnesium, Metalloprotein, Zinc.


School of Medical Engineering, Hefei University of Technology, Hefei 230009, P.R. China.

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