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RNA G-Quadruplex: The New Potential Targets for Therapy

[ Vol. 15 , Issue. 19 ]


Shi-Ke Wang, Yue Wu and Tian-Miao Ou   Pages 1947 - 1956 ( 10 )


Roles of RNA on transcriptional and post-transcriptional regulations have raised more attention since the new era of genomics. One of the secondary structures of RNA, the RNA Gquadruplex structure, is demonstrated a relatively stable existence in human tumor cells, virus, or other species relating to diseases. G-quadruplexes are special secondary structures formed by G-rich DNA and RNA sequences that fold into a four-stranded conformation. The G-quadruplexes formed in RNA are involved in many biological process including telomere elongation, transcription regulate, pre-mRNA splicing and translation. In this review, we will give a brief introduction to the structures of RNA G-quadruplexes, the biological roles and the potential to be as drug targets.


G-quadruplex, RNA, Drug targets, Biological function, DNA.


School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Sun Yat-sen University, 132 Waihuan East Road, Guangzhou University City, Guangzhou 510006, P.R. China.

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