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A Novel Model of Interaction Between High Frequency Electromagnetic Non-Ionizing Fields and Microtubules Viewed as Coupled Two-Degrees of Freedom Harmonic Oscillators

[ Vol. 15 , Issue. 6 ]


Luigi Maxmilian Caligiuri   Pages 549 - 558 ( 10 )


The question regarding the potential biological and adverse health effects of non-ionizing electromagnetic fields on living organisms is of primary importance in biophysics and medicine. Despite the several experimental evidences showing such occurrence in a wide frequency range from extremely low frequency to microwaves, a definitive theoretical model able to explain a possible mechanism of interaction between electromagnetic fields and living matter, especially in the case of weak and very weak intensities, is still missing. In this paper it has been suggested a possible mechanism of interaction involving the resonant absorption of electromagnetic radiation by microtubules. To this aim these have been modeled as non-dissipative forced harmonic oscillators characterized by two coupled “macroscopic” degrees of freedom, respectively describing longitudinal and transversal vibrations induced by the electromagnetic field. We have shown that the proposed model, although at a preliminary stage, is able to explain the ability of even weak electromagnetic radiating electromagnetic fields to transfer high quantities of energy to living systems by means of a resonant mechanism, so capable to easily damage microtubules structure.


Biological effects of electromagnetic fields, Coupled oscillators, Microtubules, Modes of oscillation, Natural frequencies, Resonance.


Foundation of Physics Research Center (FoPRC), Via Resistenza, Celico (CS), Italy.

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