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Gemini Analogs of Vitamin D

[ Vol. 14 , Issue. 21 ]


Gonzalo Pazos, Marcos L. Rivadulla, Xenxo Perez-García, Zoila Gandara and Manuel Perez   Pages 2388 - 2397 ( 10 )


The Gemini analogs are the last significant contribution to the family of vitamin D derivatives in medicine, for the treatment of cancer. The first Gemini analog was characterized by two symmetric side chains at C-20. Following numerous modifications, the most active analog bears a C-23-triple bond, C-26, 27- hexafluoro substituents on one side chain and a terminal trideuteromethylhydroxy group on the other side chain. This progression was possible due to improvements in the synthetic methods for the preparation of these derivatives, which allowed for increasing molecular complexity and complete diastereoselective control at C-20 and the substituted sidechains.


Chemical synthesis, Gemini analogs, Steroid, Vitamin D.


Departamento Quimica Orgánica, Facultade de Química, Universidade de Vigo, 36202, Spain.

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