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Understanding Recognition and Self-assembly in Biology using the Chemist´s Toolbox. Insight into Medicinal Chemistry

[ Vol. 14 , Issue. 6 ]


Z.B. Quirolo, L.A. Benedini, M.A. Sequeira, M.G. Herrera, T.V. Veuthey and V.I. Dodero   Pages 730 - 739 ( 10 )


Medicinal chemistry is intimately connected with basic science such as organic synthesis, chemical biology and biophysical chemistry among other disciplines. The reason of such connections is due to the power of organic synthesis to provide designed molecules; chemical biology to give tools to discover biological and/or pathological pathways and biophysical chemistry which provides the techniques to characterize and the theoretical background to understand molecular behaviour. The present review provides some selective examples of these research areas. Initially, template dsDNA organic synthesis and the spatio-temporal control of transcription are presenting following by the supramolecular entities used in drug delivery, such as liposomes and liquid crystal among others. Finally, peptides and protein self-assembly is connected with biomaterials and as an important event in the balance between health and disease. The final aim of the present review is to show the power of chemical tools not only for the synthesis of new molecules but also to improve our understanding of recognition and self-assembly in the biological context.


Biomimetic, conformational diseases, drug delivery, molecular triggers, peptides, protein unfolding, smart vesicles, supramolecular systems.


Biomolecular Group, Departamento de Química-INQUISUR, Universidad Nacional del Sur-CONICET Av. Alem 1253, 8000 Bahía Blanca, Argentina.

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