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Sucrose Hydrolytic Enzymes: Old Enzymes for New Uses as Biocatalysts for Medical Applications

[ Vol. 13 , Issue. 10 ]


Hao Pang, Liqin Du, Jianxin Pei, YuTuo Wei, Qishi Du and Ribo Huang   Pages 1234 - 1241 ( 8 )


Sucrose hydrolytic enzymes, widely used in a variety of food industries, employ sucrose as a substrate. In addition to their hydrolysis activities, they have other recently discovered characteristics that should make them useful for medical applications. Here, the two enzymes sucrose phosphorylase and invertase are discussed. Sucrose phosphorylase glycosylates non-carbohydrate small molecules and invertase can be used in a portable and personal biosensor to quantify a variety of analytical targets.


Sucrose phosphorylase, Invertase, transglycosylation, non-carbohydrate transglycosylation, Biosensor, glucose meter.


National Engineering Research Center for Non-Food Biorefinery, Guangxi Academy of Sciences, 98 Daling Road, Nanning, Guangxi 530007, China.

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